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Web Based Asset Management System utilising RFID


ARVA Solutions provide a unique asset management platform that combines total control of your items via a cloud based system and utilises the most up to date NFC technologies to ensure total control of your assets and maintenance activities.

NFC is the Core of the Asset Tracking Solution.


With passive NFC tags installed on various items of equipment and other objects throughout your facility, staff members can use an NFC enabled smart mobile phone or tablet to read the asset tags and thereby create a record of what services are required. This can include GPS location data and maintenance requirements.  It will also feedback any exceptions encountered “such as identifying another problem that must be addressed or a part that needs to be ordered”. All these activities are then tracked via APPTime.

APPtime in conjunction with YouTouch is the optimal solution to trace all your maintenance activities in Real Time.

YouTouch is an Android application for Web Asset Management using NFC technology. It provides real time updates direct to the user via mobile phones or tablet computers.


APPtime licence is necessary to run the APP.

Checklist Compilation

Item Characteristics

Technical Documents Online

GPS Location Available

Asset Management

Task Scheduling

Tickets & Job Allocation

Workflow Control

Personal Protective Equipment

Spare Parts Management

Currently deployed at Malpensa and Linate Airports

APPTime Web Software

“Tap, Locate & Maintain”

APPtime and remote YouTouch workers are connected in real time by WiFi and/or 4G networks. Updates, Tickets, Schedule changes and more are instantly available to remote workers and the APPtime Users at the office. Thus, remote workers utilisation can be optimised by rescheduling jobs, or responding to new tickets, based on their location.


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